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Retrocession Program of Property Risks

REINSURED:HANNOVER RE (Hannover, Germany, - (Standart&Poors).
TYPE:Excess of loss per risk reinsurance treaty
PERIOD:Losses occurring during the period of 12 months as from January 20, 2014 untilJanuary 19, 2015 both dates inclusive, local standard time at the place of Loss inrespect of direct contracts and facultative reinsurance contracts
CLASSOF BUSINESS:Section 1. Property risks in respect of the following
Material Damage (including Removal of Debris) following Fire, Lightning,Explosion, Impact of manned aircraft or parts thereof, Water Damage, NaturalPerils, Robbery, Burglary, Third Party Illegal Activity.
Reinsured can use the capacity of this Contract on Loss Limit, FirstLoss aswell as on a PML basis,subject to a survey report prepared by an approvedsurveyorMachinery Breakdown.
Business Interruption, if written in conjunction with material damage
Business Interruption, if written in conjunction with Machinery Breakdown
Electronic Equipment

Section 2. CAR/EAR risks including construction equipment and machinery, TPLelements and maintenance cover
TERRITORIAL SCOPE:Russian Federation and FSU states
CAPACITY:USD 5 000 000
GENERAL EXCLUSIONS:War, Civil War and Terrorism Exclusion Clause
Nuclear Energy Risks Exclusion Clause
Silica Exclusion
Asbestos Exclusion
Chemical, biological, bio-chemical, electromagnetic weapons
Electronic & computer crime
General third party liability
Seepage, pollution, contamination, environmental risks
Avian flu
Punitive, compensatory damages
Offshore risks
Mining and/or underground risks
Aviation and Space risks
ADDITIONAL RISKS COVERED:Power generation plants could be included subject that the Leading Reinsurer tobe informed within 7 working days upon such acceptance by way of sendinga copy of acceptance, but hydro power generation plants could be included only after special acceptance
Transmission & distribution lines: this contract shall exclude losses inrespect of overhead transmission and distribution lines and their supportingstructure other than those that extend from the public highway to the insured premises and are the responsibility of the insured
All energy risks (refineries, oil/gasdrilling facilities, oil fields, pipelines, pump stations, etc) could be included subject to the speial acceptance
PROPERTY EXCLUSIONS:Fireworks, ammunition and explosives and chemicals, oil products & sub-products or gases
Agriculture risks
Information technology hazards exclusion clause
Bankers blanket bonds (BBB)/ Dishonesty, Disappearance, Destruction (DDD)
Jewellers, furs, cash in transit, cash, bonds (obligations), bullion
Financial risks
ENGINEERING EXCLUSIONS:Penalty clauses (guarantees of performance)
Employers liability
Exploitation and drilling of hydrocarbons
Boiler and pressure vessel explosion insurance
Deterioration of stock/ cold storage insurance
Cable-laying (ocean-going)
Prototypes, designers risks
Third party liability of any kind unless written in conjunction with and formingpart of contractors all risks/erection all risks
Contractors all risks/Erection all risks policies with works/test period greater than3 years and/or maintenance periods greater than 2 years
Faulty design.